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I have felt the same desires in my own life. Taking better care of myself by making sure I am okay first would be a high priority on my list of resolutions as selfish as that sounds. I have a tendency to put all of my energy into making sure everyone else is ok, meanwhile running my own self into the ground.

I’m loving your energy, and your courage to do whatever it takes to live a better life🤍 it’s been contagious and I am grateful for your outspokenness and venerability! Love just being able to take a minute to read what’s on your mind. Take care Britton!!

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I agree we gotta refill our tanks or we just get run ragged. Thank you Marci <3

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Decreasing and maximizing what I already have really soaked in for me. Thank you for that. My intentions are nurture and nourish both myself and then my partner. You also gave me some great ideas there - I’ve been meaning to read more for pleasure.

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